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Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited. Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited. Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited. Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited.
Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited.
Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited.
Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited.
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Digital Anemometer

Digital Anemometer
Application :
  • Installation, debug and repair for refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monit-or, navigation measurement, weather forecast, collection of the weather datum for outdoor busywork and fire department.

Technical Details :
Measuring wind speed 0.4-30.0m/s 1.4-108.0km/h 80-5910ft/min 0.8-59.3 knots
Accuracy ±2%n+2d
Resolution 0.1/1
Display LCD display
Power supply 4x1.5V AA (UM-3) battery
Battery indicator low battery indicator
Dimensions 141x72x31mm
Weight (not including probe) 248g
Packing Plastic Box
Guarantee 6 Months
Calibration Optional

Application :
  • Installation
  • Debug And Repair For Refrigeration Industry
  • Ventilation Duct
  • Environment Monitor
  • Navigation Measurement
  • Weather Forecast
  • Collection Of The Weather Datum For Outdoor Busywork And Fire Department

Technical Details :
Display 0.5"(13mm)4-digitLCD
Measurement unist Air Velocity:m/s,km/h,ft/min,knots
Air Flow:CMM(m3/min) CFM(ft3/min)
Beaufort scale Force
Wave Height m
Data hold Maximum Value
Data memorized 24groups
Sampling rate reading per second approx
Sensors air velocity/flow sensor
Conventional angled vane arms
With low-friction ball bearing
Temperature sensor
Precision thermistor
Automatic Power off 0-9minutes set by users
Data output RS232C serial interface
Operating temperature 14?to140?(-10?to60?)
Operating humidity Max.80%RH
Power supply 260g(0.571b)including batteries&probe
Dimensions main instrument: 156x67x28mm(6.1x2.6x1.1")
Optional accessories Cable+software for rs232C

Air Velocity Range Resolution Accuracy
m/s (meters per sec) 0.4-45.0 0.1 m/s ± (2%+0.1m/s)
km/h (kilo-meters/hour) 1.4-162.0 0.1 km/hr ±(2% +0.1km/hr)
ft/min (feet per minute) 80-8860 0.1 ft/min ±(2% + 1ft/min)
knots (nautical MPH) 0.8-88.0 0.1 knots ±(2% +0.1 nots)
CMM (cubic meters/min) 0-9999 0.001 to1 ±(2% +1m³/min)
CFM (cubic ft/min) 0-9999 0.001 to1 ±(2% +1ft³/min)
Beaufort Scale 0-12 0.1 ±0.5
Direction 0-360° 22.5° ±22.5°
Wave Height 0-14 0.1 ±0.1
Air Temperature 14 - 140°c 0.1 0.9

Packing Plastic Box
Calibration Optional
Guarantee 6 Months
Sudershan Measuring & Engineering (P) Limited.

Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter
Application :
Technical Details :
Display 10mm (0.4") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display
Function LP , Leq ,LN.
Frequency range 31.5Hz~8kHz
Measurement range LP - 30~130dB (A), 35~130dB (C), 35~130 dB (F)
LEQ - 30-130dB
LN - 0-100%
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accarcy 1dB
Indicator Low battery indicator
Power supply 1 x9 V Battery
Size 236 x 63 x26 mm
Weight 170g (including batteries)
Standed delivery
  1. Main Unit ................1pc
  2. Carrying Case ................1pc
  3. Operation Manual ..........1pc
Packing Plastic Box
Guarantee 6 Months
Calibration Optional

Road Measure

Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter
Hameln (CA660)
Technical Details :
Model No. CA660
Measure Range* 0.5M~50M
Resolution 0.001M
Accuracy* ±2mm
Measure Speed* 0.5 Sec.
Laser Type 650nm, Class 2, <1mw
Beam Size 25mm@30M
Battery 9V Block Battery
Battery Life Up to 5000 Measurement
Dimension 104.7mm X 61mm X 32mm
Operation Temperature 0oC~40oC
Storage Temperature -20oC~60oC
Automatic Switch-Off
-Laser 30 Seconds
-CA660 180 Seconds
Sound Trigger 75dba

Ultrasonic Distance Meter

Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Application :
Technical Details :
Easy & Convenient to use Units : Feets / CM
Computes Area and Volume LCD Screen with Back light
Auto Power off : 4 Minutes Doubel Beep Sound confirms right reading.
Range 0.30 Meter to 15 meters Range 0.30 to 50 meters
Accuracy 1.5% Work Frequency : 40 HZ
Red Laser Diaode 650nM Class II Laser
Packing Card Packing
Guarantee 6 Months
Calibration Optional